How To Better Manage Time Off Requests

Time Off Requests
by Missy Gossett
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Our good friend Bob has been using ITCS-WebClock’s Time Off Request Tracking Software to manage his 35 technicians for a few months now. In our February blog, “Benefits To A Time-Off Tracking Software”, Bob vowed to upgrade his team’s scheduling and time off tracking process after a stressful holiday season. Bob’s decision to integrate both products allowed him to properly manage his team and his business better!

What are some other signs that your business needs a Time Off Tracking Software?

We are glad you asked! Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

When you consider your business’s needs, what are the expectations you have for your staff?

A clearly defined policy for your staff helps them understand their benefits, how to execute a time off request, and more.

When you create a schedule, do you have a method or plan to manage multiple requests?

There are times when time-off requests need to be denied or updated to ensure that business can run properly and efficiently. Having an easy platform to view, edit and manage your employee’s requests fixes this issue.

How can ITCS-WebClock’s Time Off Tracking Software help your business?

As we have discussed, managing employee time-off requests is one of the most crucial responsibilities that a manager has. Mishandling these requests could lead to a staff shortage, which would cause a ripple effect in your business's productivity. An influx of time off requests could impact your ability to run your business, are you prepared

In recent studies, employees have a “pent-up demand” to use their paid time off, especially after the pandemic. Last summer alone, only 72 percent of Americans did not take any of their vacations, and 44 percent of those working Americans did not utilize their paid time off. To better manage these multiple requests starts with dependable software!

Our Time Off Tracking Software allows you to manage your employees from anywhere at any time. Key features include an easy-to-read time off calendar, unlimited policies and types, automated accrual rules, FMLA tracking, and more!

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